IDS Summary Synthesis

Up until my senior year of college, I was an Exercise and Sport Physiology major. I loved this major and I had come to the conclusion that I was going to be applying to physical therapy school after I graduated. Due to needing many pre-requisites, I found myself needing to alter something in regard to my degree. It wasn’t going to be possible to take all of the pre-requisites while taking the rest of my courses needed for my Exercise and Sport Physiology degree. That’s when my advisor at the time recommended a switch to Interdisciplinary Studies. What I didn’t expect was to be introduced to a whole new world of problem solving and creativity where students are more in control of their education. This switch became much more than just convenient for me, as I grew not just a student, but as person also.

My IDS major is based on the necessary pre-requisites for most physical therapy programs. These are the some of the most important courses I’ve taken as they mostly serve as a foundation for science in general. Along with those are many Exercise and Sport Physiology courses. These will hopefully prove to be beneficial in my next educational journey. My IDS Essay outlines and explains my entire degree and can be found here.

This semester, I spent a lot of time working on my applied project and my research article. My applied project was a project where I spent time hiking various places around the Plymouth area. I took pictures and recorded the details into a post that people can look at if they wish to begin hiking. My hope was to encourage people to hike, as it is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise which greatly benefits the body. So much of my time in Exercise and Sport Physiology courses has challenged us, as students, to encourage people to exercise. I feel that that hiking is not only beneficial to our health, but also can be incredibly fun. What I have learned is that if exercise is fun, then people will be much more likely to exercise and continue with it.

My research article was on the topic of low back pain (LBP). I knew before writing it that LBP has exceedingly become an issue in society. If I become a physical therapist someday, then I will likely encounter many cases of LBP. Initially, I wanted to learn about the various types of conditions and their treatments. Once I really began delving into information, I realized just how common this problem is. I wanted to see if I could use my research and educational background to have a positive impact on this common issue. I switched my approach from conditions and specific treatments to an approach that can help identify many common discrepancies in treatment plans and the idea of reducing the prevalence of LBP. The information that I learned will help me as I continue in my education and career.

Together, the applied project and research article have had tremendous impacts on my education. The information I learned, as well as the concepts I discovered should continue to help better my education and profession. Similar to my IDS major in general, these projects have helped grow as a student, future professional, and most importantly as a person.