Today, many physical therapists share ideas using social media sites. Popular ones include Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. These sites make it easy to create a large network of connections. They allow new ideas to become widespread which means professionals can easily learn and teach new content. Pictures, videos, and new research can be posted and reach thousands of people around the world.

Twitter is one the best tools that I can use to learn about these ideas in the world of physical therapy and human performance. Twitter gives me the ability to connect with some of the most omniscient physical therapists and organizations. I can gain insight to new technology, ideas, research, and make connections. Similarly, Twitter gives me the ability to share my own thoughts and experience with people in the field.

My Twitter (@Taylor19947) will be public in order to allow the greatest opportunity for sharing information. I will use Twitter to make new connections by following new people daily. I will also share ideas by tweeting, retweeting, and replying to other accounts. The effectiveness of my Twitter will be determined by the amount knowledge I learn and am able to share. I should make connections and learn from some of the most respected physical therapists and organizations in the industry.

Update: February 6, 2019

After a semester of using my Twitter PLN, I was able to identify many aspects of it that worked well or didn’t work well. Overall, I was able to gain insight on the world of physical therapy and hot topics in the field that I wouldn’t have been able to discover otherwise. I found these to be beneficial to me on my path to becoming a Physical Therapist. Continuing with Twitter as my PLN should remain highly valuable to me.

I was also able to discover some aspects that didn’t work as well as I had hoped. One of the difficulties I encountered was with making personal interactions or connections. During this semester I would like make it a priority to connect with more people and have meaningful interactions that may help propel my career and academic future. I will make a priority to connect with at least three people in my field that I can share information with in order to combat this difficulty.