Third Experience Shadowing Physical Therapy

Last week I had my third experience shadowing at a physical therapy office. Much like first two times, I found myself learning a lot and learning very quickly. I witnessed people be treated for a knee replacement, low back pain, knee pain, and a shoulder impingement. This time was slightly different as I watched one individual complete their last session of physical therapy for their low back pain. This was quite a rewarding feeling for this person and the therapist. I began to understand just how hard some people must work in order to reduce their pain and be able to complete daily tasks.

I was also able to see someone experience a set-back in their therapy. This helped me realize just how discouraging this process is for some people. Again, I was able to see some progressions in the therapy from the same patients of week prior. Seeing these progressions helped to apply some of the resistance training and progression models I have learned in Exercise Science courses. I also was able to see a new patient with knee pain, which is always beneficial because I can then see tests that are done to check for particular injuries. Overall, my experience from shadowing continues to solidify my desire to become a DPT someday.